Solutions for Sourcing Bstock: Where, What and How? (2024)

Running a retail business can be both challenging and rewarding, especially in today’s cutthroat retail environment where margins can be tight and competition fierce. If a business is to survive and thrive in such an environment, it needs every advantage it can get. When it comes to retail, one of the greatest advantages a business can gain is finding a reliable source of good-quality wholesale merchandise that can be bought for a low price so profits can be maximized.

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Of course, in the good old days, traditional – often local – wholesale suppliers could be relied upon to furnish retail businesses with all the stock they required at very reasonable prices. That, sadly, is no longer the case. In recent years, wholesale prices offered by traditional wholesale suppliers have veered ever closer to retail prices, meaning there’s been a dwindling amount of profit to be made from this type of merchandise as each year has gone by. Now, it’s all but impossible to make a decent profit on this type of merchandise.

So, what’s the solution? Your business still needs stock, and it still needs to make a profit from that stock. Is there somewhere you can still buy top-quality merchandise at a reasonable price? Thankfully, the answer to that question is ‘yes’. By buying pallets or truckloads of B-stock from a top-tier liquidation company, your business will get all the great-quality stock your customers demand at a price that won’t break the bank.

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What Is B-Stock?

The brand new merchandise that retailers sell to the public is classified as ‘A-stock’. If this merchandise is returned to the retailer, legally it cannot be classified as A-stock any more as it is now considered used goods. Returned merchandise that is not faulty or damaged is classified as ’B-stock’ to differentiate it from stock that can be sold new.

So, despite the fact that B-stock is basically brand new, undamaged, still-in-the box merchandise, it is downgraded regardless thanks to being customer returned. And that downgrade means it is worth considerably less to the retailer than it used to be, and is therefore available to buy at a much lower price as the retailer does not want this type of stock taking up valuable warehouse space that could be used to house A-stock merchandise.

B-stock is therefore a very attractive proposition for a retailer who is looking at buying merchandise wholesale, but wishes to do so without paying over the top when it comes to the wholesale price. Thanks to B-stock being classified as lower value used goods, it can be bought for a fraction of its true MSRP value. And that means one thing – more profits can be made when selling B-stock on to your happy customers.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy B-Stock?

Of course, it’s important before buying B-stock to make sure you’re getting it from the right supplier. You may be tempted to source from a traditional wholesaler. This is all well and good if you can find a reputable wholesaler who will sell you pallets or truckloads of B-stock at a fair price, though they will still charge you a premium as they in turn wish to make a profit.

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Unfortunately, too many traditional wholesalers don’t just charge you that aforementioned premium; they also sift through pallets of merchandise, cherry-picking the best stuff to be bundled up and sold for a higher price, leaving behind pallets of less attractive goods. They have also been known to alter manifests, passing off pallets of worthless junk as grade A merchandise. Add on the wholesaler’s premium and your own shipping costs and you might find it all but impossible to make money purchasing stock this way.

So, what’s the best way of sourcing B-stock? Well, many retailers choose to cut out the wholesaler middleman altogether and instead source directly from a top-tier liquidator via their online liquidation marketplace.

Unlike traditional wholesalers, liquidators such as Direct Liquidation source their B-stock from some of the biggest names in US retail. In Direct Liquidation’s case, that means sourcing B-stock from giants of the retail industry such as Walmart, Target, Lowe’s Hardware and Amazon.

What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means you’ll be buying premium grade, ‘as new’ merchandise from some of the biggest companies in the United States, with all the assurances that come with that. And it also means that you’ll find a huge selection of B-stock available to buy that’s been made by some of the world’s most successful and largest manufacturers; companies such as Apple, LG, Huawei, Sony, Microsoft, , BOSCH, LEGO, Samsung, Google and HP.

And because liquidators such as Direct Liquidation cut out the middleman, deal directly with the big-name retailers, do not cherry-pick and do not alter their manifests, what you see on their online liquidation sales platforms is what you’ll get, and you’ll get it for a considerably lower price than you will from a traditional wholesaler.

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Buying B-Stock From A Liquidation Specialist

Buying B-stock from a top-tier online liquidation specialist couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve signed up for an account with a valid resellers license, you’ll be able to browse the categories of merchandise a liquidator has on offer, easily locate the B-stock you like the look of, and then enter bids on pallets or truckloads of that stock in the many online liquidation auctions that take place on a liquidator’s site daily.

You can set up an email alert that will notify you when the pallet of B-stock you’re interested in is about to go under the hammer. Then it’s just a matter of entering bids and seeing if you’re successful. If you are, all you’ll need to do is pay for your B-stock and then arrange for the courier of your choice to ship the goods to your chosen destination. You can even get the liquidator to handle the shipping for you. This may work out cheaper than using a third-party courier, so it’s best to check the liquidator’s shipping calculator to make sure you’re getting the very best deal.

You can usually also buy pallets and truckloads of B-stock for a fixed or negotiated price. You’ll still get great-quality stock purchasing this way, so if you’re not the bidding type or you haven’t got the time to bid, check out what a liquidator can offer you as an alternative.

However you choose to buy wholesale B-stock from a Better Business Bureau-accredited, top-tier online liquidation specialist, you’ll have peace of mind of knowing your company is dealing with the best in the business, is dealing with some of the biggest retail names in the country, and is buying top-quality merchandise at prices you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for the best place to source B-stock? Look no further than an online liquidation marketplace, like Direct Liqudiation.

Direct Liquidation is a goTRG company.

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Henley Johnson

Henley currently works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation, assisting businesses with product sourcing of liquidated merchandise from the largest retailers in the world. Whether you are looking for a pallet or a truckload Henley is here to help you grow your business.

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Solutions for Sourcing Bstock: Where, What and How? (2024)


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