HEMNES 6-drawer chest, white stain, 421/2x515/8" - IKEA (2024)

HEMNES product changed significantly JungI have been purchased HEMNES products over years, and just repurchased another one. HEMNES products usually much more expensive than others, but they always comes with stronger and better materials, but I am regret to purchase another one two days ago. Price was increased a lot, so I expected same quality at least, but it was not.Wood was think and cheap. Cracked one drawer during installation. Two metal joint pieces were broken during the installation. IKEA stopped putting extra parts, and the store is 40 miles from my house. They changed the finish as well. It's no longer coated on outside. just painted. I also noticed wood compound are everywhere on my house now. I have been using Ikea products almost 30 years now, and never saw they downgraded their product like this before. Just warning.1

Not the same Hemnes at allCindyWe are proud owners of four 6-drawer Hemnes dressers, dating back 8 years. The Hemnes I just bought is nothing like the old ones. It is flimsy and the drawers shake side to side when opened. It feels super cheap. It has the feature that if one drawer is open, none of the other drawers can be opened, which I don't like and none of the other dressers have. Worst of all, if feels like it is just primed with paint- the exterior feels rough and unfinished. With assembly, this dresser cost nearly $500- I would counsel you to look elsewhere to find a higher quality dresser for the same money. Truly a disappointing purchase. IKEA should be ashamed of this Hemnes dresser. 1

Too costlyKI have one I bought a few years ago. There's no way I paid 350 and Ieven bought the glass protector. I wanted a matching one but not at this outrageous price. Maybe if the material was heavy duty but not the quality it is now. Sad because I'd love a matching one. 3

GOODBYE ikea quality 2024YosefAfter haveing the Malm & Nordli line of dressers for our kids rooms , and those fell apart shortly due to its made up entirely of pressboardI was very happy with SOLID wood hemmes bought in 2023, in 2024 it was impossible to find any in stores I researched options and reviews for the 2024 Koppang & songesand and they were terrible it seems the Drawers don't open as much as the original versions , my trip to store confirmed it correctI also noticed the hemmes dresser on display opens 2 inches less than mine from last year To my delight a day later I got a notification that there is low stock available, I grabbed it To my surprise, the new version has particle board supports in center its weakest point for the drawer supportit* a matter of time the drawers will break ,so I'm disappointed ikea can't update site to say this is redesigned product , Customer service will answer bring it back if not happy ,BUT who wants to do all that :( 2

Absolutely AmazingYomiraI bought this drawer a little over a year ago and it has done wonders. Fits in my small bedroom perfectly, along with my other IKEA furniture. 5

Best Dresser design EVER!KorinaI can not express how much I love and adore this piece of furniture. Best dresser design I have ever owned. I had been waiting to be notified when it would be back in stock to my dismay I got a text today stating it will no longer be sold (aka discontinued). My heart breaks. The entire Hemnes line has been my absolute favorite, hate to see it go.5

HemnesChadWe like the dresser and are sad to see it being discontinued 4

Great qualityKaseyThis dresser is much bigger than I expected, it’s amazing quality and exactly what I needed!5

roomyKariBeautiful dresser. Rolls nicely. Very roomy. Best of all someone else put it together!5

Love color and style, however LaurieBought a complete bedroom set. Love the style and color. We had no issues putting together the bedframe or nightstands. However with the dresser, the holes to place the drawer runner would not line up properly so the screws would not go flush. The drawer would not close. Was easily retired with refund.3

Roomy but damaged VanessaIt’s a little bigger than I thought in our space than when I saw it in the store. I appreciate the storage space because we have a lot of clothes. However, it was scratched on one drawer and a chunk of wood was out of another drawer. My husband didn’t notice until he had put the dresser up and by that time it wasn’t worth returning. Especially because we got it in black you could really tell. Thankfully I bought the paint that is sold by the dressers and we purchased wood glue. Love IKEA prices but will spend the money for already put together furniture that can be returned and replaced already put together. 3

Good Quality for the MoneyPatriciaThis was not super hard to put together and considering the price is pretty good quality!5

Very upset you discontinued ItemsCarloWe just bought a bunch of furniture for our new home. We purchased several Hemnes dressers including this one. Now we are told you discontinued popular pieces in this set. Now we cannot complete our bedroom with matching pieces. We could only fit so many boxes in our home at a time. Same for our office. We bought a large Nordli for office and now discontinued those also. Now we are stuck with furniture that will not match anything else we buy to finish the office just like bedrooms. This angers us so much after we spent all our time building these dressers. We will never buy from ikea again. When we called and we’re told by your rep that all these items are discontinued it gutted us. The rep even said they don’t understand why ikea discontinued popular selling items. Imagine how you would feel putting together a bunch of furniture to find out you cannot get the rest of your matching pieces to now have to work at breaking them back down and figure out how to take them back. 1

Attractive and functional EllenLovely piece in the collection. Very sturdy. My favorite is the large drawer second down from the top. It is very roomy and unlike most large drawers is not located at the bottom. 5

Hemnes 6 drawer dresserStaciaGood quality and substantial size for the price. Assemble patiently. 5

Don't buy this dresser!CarolynWe spent 2 days putting it together only to find out the top drawer wasn't aligned and wouldn't shut. We returned it for another one that we spent a day putting together, and it had the same problem. The quality of this is horrible!1

Great dresser!NicoleI was so happy to bring this one home. We have one already that my husband and I shared but now I have my own and I love the deepest drawer to fold my big chunky sweaters so they don’t get messed up from being on hangers there’s so much room for them to stay nice and fluffy. I love it!5

Maybe there was a reason it was on sale?SiegfriedBad fit, drawers don't open or close smoothly. The last board for the last drawer had holes drilled too large, had to use glue to make it hold together. Quality isn't what it used to be.3

Real wood pieces, loud when opening closing.Phillipunfortunately a hole in one railing was off a bit and did not thread properly so the drawer does not slide out cleanly.3

commodeSvitlanaI am very satisfied, everything came well packed, thank you) the quality is super)5

HEMNES 6-drawer chest, white stain, 421/2x515/8" - IKEA (2024)


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